Out Sourcing

In today’s economy, outsourcing the responsibilities that distract people from doing what they love is a wise choice. Businesses have found a way to reduce overhead, offer better customer service, and alleviate some of the work related stress through outsourcing. Individuals are able to spend more time on hobbies and socializing. Outsourcing your accounting is a great way to stay focused on enjoying what you do.

Outsourcing saves time and money. Tracking your accounts and paying your bills are time consuming tasks. Figuring out payroll and sending the money to the appropriate agency takes time away from serving your customers. Paying an employee to do it for you adds to your overhead, especially with the new laws.

Outsourcing relives confusion. When is the bill due? Did I pay it? Did I ever get paid from that last job? How much money did I make last month? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that information available in one place without the hassles? Outsourcing these obligations can reduce some of the stress related with running a business.

Running a business or a household just got easier. When you make an appointment with Doug Everett he can help you set up a plan that helps you get back on track. You could have less stress, less confusion and more joy in your life. Give us a call today or set up an appointment on Doug’s calendar.